Brass Raffle Drums

The heavy-duty gage metal prevents denting. The smooth and consistent revolution ensures an even and effective shuffle every time. Our unique star pattern stands out amongst the shiny brass finish. Small-Holds up to approx. 1,000 tickets 8" diameter x 11" long x 12" high. Medium-Holds up to approx. 5,000 tickets 12" diameter x 16" long x 20" high. Large-Size: 15" D x 20" L x 24" H Ticket Slot always sits on top Access Door secured with a sturdy Latch Holds approximately 10,000 Raffle Tickets

Acrylic Raffle Drums

Never been in charge of a raffle before? Don't worry, it's easy. Simply sell the double roll raffle tickets to your guests. Rip the ticket and give the guest one side, and you place the other into the raffle drum. When you've complete your sales, just spin the raffle drum to mix up the tickets, then open the gate and pull out the winning ticket!