JarTrek Point of Sale System – Club Management Solution for Food, Beverage & Gaming!

The Complete Food and Beverage Point of Sale System

“Just because we have the best Games of Chance capability, doesn’t mean we had to skimp on food and beverage control!”

Many clubs infer an abundance of revenue through gaming, some clubs do not participate in small games of chance, but find themselves still needing a point of sales system that benefits every other aspect of their business. Whether your club participates in gaming or not, you still need a system designed to address your needs. JarTrek includes all features that can rival other systems designed for nightclubs and restaurants, and beyond.

  • Add accountability, with the option to replace plastic chips, with our “setup chip” tracking system.
  • Automated happy hour & special pricing by date & time.
  • Easy to find menu items, discounts & pay outs.
  • Tabs & guest checks are stored and made available at all stations. Split or combine checks / bar tabs.
  • Sell, reload and redeem gift cards.
  • Electronic journals store every transaction with detail. Pinpoint and review specific details including activity from specific employees, menu items and type of transaction using the powerful filter, date range and sort tools available through the JarTrek POS.
  • Password security for employee and job code.
  • Multi-use stations can change screen layouts, cashiering types for special events such as band nights or banquets. These stations can be changed around to fit your particular needs.
  • Reports for cashiers and servers by employee, workstation or particular shifts.

JarTrek™ for Speed, and Accuracy!

Talk to or visit any club using the JarTrek™ point of sale system and they will tell you why JarTrek™ is “the solution for food, beverage and gaming.” Management, and staff love JarTrek™ The customization features & ease of use and training allow JarTrek™ to fit every clubs unique needs.

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