Flashpoint Bingo Display Package



FlashPoint Bingo Display


‘Projected’ Onto PCs, TVs

Want to up your Bingo game, but can’t afford, nor need the deluxe equipment typically found in those larger halls? Video King has a simple solution for all those senior centers, fraternal organizations and smaller-scale venues, which in comparison, costs virtually nothing at all … The Flashpoint Bingo Display!

Combining gaming ingenuity with our computer know-how, Video King has developed software, which can display a 75-number Bingo board onto a touch-screen PC.

For an even bigger bang for your buck, the computer also has a HDMI or Display Port, which means the same Bingo board image can be displayed onto one or more large-screen TVs.

And, it makes no difference whether you use Bingo cards, a roll cage or random number generator to “call” the balls.

Once a number is called, simply touch the number displayed on the computer-generated Bingo board.

As soon as the number is touched or “daubed,” it will zoom large – for a programmable number of seconds – onto the computer, as well as any TV, before returning back to the full-screen (16:9 widescreen) Bingo board in your hall.


Animated Bingo Display

For added pizzazz, an animated Bingo graphic will be activated, again for a programmable number of seconds, by pressing the “Bingo Button” once Bingo is called.

To begin a new game, simply touch the button (or click the mouse for older computers) to “Clear Balls.”


FlashPoint Software

The FlashPoint Video Flashboard allows callers to use a mouse or a touch-screen to click on the flashboard, using Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10. It can be displayed on 4:3 aspect ratio monitors/TVs as well as 16:9 wide-screen format monitors/TVs.

Flashpoint only has one image, so the image the caller sees is the exact same image displayed on any additional monitors/TVs in the hall. If connecting additional monitors, they need to be the same aspect ratio as the caller’s monitor.

Low-Cost Solution

Designed specifically for smaller-scale budgets at smaller-scale halls, the software can be sold separately or  as a package, which would include the software, TV screens, computer and cables.