Grand Master Dispensers

MASTER PIC MASTER PIC The Grand Master is indeed the grandest of all pull tab vending machines. It will attract many players and provide them with a larger variety of games, thus decreasing your time spent loading the machine.  It’s ease of operation and reliability will give you the confidence to let the Grand Master pull tab dispenser do the work for you. Comes in 4 or 8 column styles (bases sold separately).

Standard Features:

  • Designed to look like a casino style machine, with red cabinet and colorful graphics.
  • High security polycarbonate windows and 16 gauge steel cabinet.
  • Easy loading and access to all features directly through the front of the cabinet.
  • Tickets and money are kept in separately locked compartments.
  • Dispenses a wide variety of pull tabs and sweepstakes tickets including both 3 and 5 window tickets.
  • Reliable bill acceptor with 1000 bill stacker.
  • Flexible pricing function allows each column to be priced separately.
  • Dimensions: 23″W x 19″D x 70″H
  • Weight: 300 lbs
  • Full one-year parts warranty.
Grand Master Dispensers