MASTER PICSuperior designs and user-friendly operation distinguishes these from all the others. Features large, easy-to-read, 4” numbers with a moving game pattern display as well as a prize payout & game number section.

Size: 29” H x 158 1/2” L x 4 3/4” D.

Weight: 155 pounds.

Moving game pattern display allows games to be displayed in a fixed mode or displayed to show most multi-patterns in a moving configuration.

Last number called and the appropriate letter flashes.

Built-on prize payout displays dollar amount up to five digits.

Flashboard indicator displays either game number, last number called, or number of balls in play.

Large, easy-to-read 4” numbers.

Sliding panels for easy access to bulbs and electronics.

Cooler 28-volt bulbs for extra life without sacrificing brightness.

Black anodized aluminum extruded frame.